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The portfolio of projects on my website of a web developer freelancer includes projects that I have developed over the past six years, both in collaboration with web studios and for private clients, as well as several personal projects. Most of these sites were developed using CMS Joomla, CMS WordPress. The bulk of the projects contain individual functions designed to implement the features of the website.
In addition to the sites created in the portfolio, I also developed various calculators, complex feedback forms, a multi-level menu, image slider, reviews, etc., many CMS updates to the new version with the transfer of all content from the old one while maintaining the functionality of the website, fixing various errors on sites, optimizing site loading, filling the site with up to 15,000 products, material (textual information) and much more ...

Designer & Web Developer

I am developing modern sites and applications. I like to make interesting and modern projects.

  • Birthday: 13 November 1985
  • Website: vladimir-web.com
  • Phone: +7(953)266-05-51
  • City: City : Moscow, Russia
  • Age: 34
  • Degree: Master
  • Email: support@vladimir-web.com
  • Freelance: Available

My web developer portfolio contains the name of the site, the link to the site (where the link is unknown - it means that the client did not need to install on his hosting and I don’t know what address the site is at the moment), the purpose of the site and a description of the work performed. If necessary, I can provide evidence that I did all the sites from my portfolio (the source of the site layout, communication with the web studio for which I developed it or with the owner of the site if I made the site for him personally and not through the web studio)


Some figures about my regular orders for website development!


Happy Customers the result.


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I have the professional advantages:

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 75%
PHP 80%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 55%



Vladimir Ravlyuk

Web developer with 5+ years of experience in Moscow and abroad. I have experience in developing a site from scratch on website design, layout (including responsive design), programming (PHP, MySQL, JQURY, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Flash, Wordpress, Magento), knowledge of website promotion strategies, practical promotion skills (there are sites in the top ten Yandex, Google for complex keywords).

  • Magnitogorskaya 297 kv.58,Moscow, RU
  • +7(953)266-05-51
  • support@vladimir-web.com


WEB Developer Course & Levelp.ru

191025, St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 104

2008 - 2009

At this time, I first became acquainted with the basics of programming on Php, javascript, css, Html. It was the start of my career in website development.

High School of Economics & www.HSE.ru

101000, Moscow, st. Myasnitskaya, d.20

2009 - 2014

At this university, I got professional skills for programming in Python, HTML, PHP, Java, Flash and many others. This is the best university in programming in Russia.

Professional Experience

Web-architector Domsadnn.ru

2018 - 2019

I picked up an online store on a frail engine, translated it into my engine, accelerated and optimized, I maintain and develop an online store. I develop the project architecture, decision methods, decision algorithms, database. On this engine at the same time working five sites, also vodateplonn.ru, teplotehnikann.ru, trubopt.ru, pumpopt.ru

Web Developer Emalon.co.il

2017 - 2018

Write code on php, js, mysql, css. Layout new website design. Made a mobile version of the site without affecting html. Introduced new blocks, for example, excursions and events. Rule bugs. Optimized site loading speed. It was 7 seconds, it was 3. Introduced AMP

Web-Architector Go2All.ru

2017 - 2019

Created from scratch, supported and developed the go2all.ru project alone. Developed project architecture, decision methods, decision algorithms, database. Implemented a CRM system in the administrative part for processing applications, displaying statistics and much more. For example, moderation of hotels showing all changes. Auto-matching hotels on a budget.


This is only part of my work:


Website development has always been a very serious and painstaking work. In cases where you need it for a report, "for show", then, of course, spending a lot of time on it and decent amounts does not make sense. But if you create such a website to solve significant business problems, you can’t categorically treat it “through the sleeves”. The Internet, although it is a virtual environment, but the knowledge, effort and time that is spent on creating such sites is quite real.

Many clients have a fairly common misconception that creating a site is easy, simple and fast. It’s enough, just click on the free designer to create a site and it will bear fruit ... But this is not so, since free sites are always cut down functionally, not optimized, the design is always boring and primitive, which in turn reflects on the client as who doesn’t care about his reputation ...

The most obvious difference between working with a freelancer web developer directly and working with a web studio is that the prices for services are much lower, how to shop in the Chinese market or in the supermarket, the things are the same, but the price is different for the best customer side!

As I consider the only minus of ordering a site from a professional freelancer is that there is no possibility of concluding a contract, since web developers freelancers rarely do IP or PE, which in turn again affects the cost of creating a site and makes it less. ..

There are a lot of freelancers providing website creation services, but there are only a few professional freelancers who are at risk of falling into the hands of a poor specialist, which in turn will lead to a loss of time, money and nerves.

I will provide you with high-quality professional services of a freelance web developer, and you will get exactly the site that you wanted!


You have a desire to get acquainted closer or to specify details? Use this form and I will surely answer you.


Magnitogorskaya ul. dom 297 kv.58, Moscow, Russia 105568



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